21-02-2019 / Web article

They talk about us! TTG Italia: Chinese tourists in Italy, the identikit and the new trends of big spenders

They are rich, indeed very rich, they come mainly from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Tianjin and come to Italy for cultural visits but also to get married; alternatively they organize in our country, news of recent times, the pre-wedding, that is a sort of honeymoon in advance with photos included, to be shown to relatives and friends on their return to China during their marriage.


It is the Chinese who choose the Peninsula: an increasingly broad band of population if we think that the billionaires, who were only 16 years ago, today have risen to about 380, almost one in five of the world total.


The characteristics of travelers

The Chinese tourist lives today on the smartphone, pays with the QR code, does not enter a room if his credit card is not accepted UnionPay and goes where his social networks like Tencent, Tuniu and Wechat. "All of these must be taken into account in order to seize the great opportunity for our tourist facilities", explains Aldo Gottardo, founder of the Tuscany Business Agency, tour operator specialized in tourist intermediation of historic residences and prestigious residences in Tuscany. Tba is the owner of the Tba Holidays brand for the tourism sector and Tba Real Estate for the real estate division.


An army of 700 million people

"The accommodation facilities and related services - underlines Gottardo - will have to be up and ready to host this new class of travelers, willing to spend more but much more demanding. The higher the services, the more they will be willing to buy ".


China is leading the rankings for the number of travelers in the world, with 129 million tourists in 2017. In the next 5 years will reach 700 million, of which over 21 million are estimated will choose Europe, and of these over 10 million -15%, between 2 and 3 million, will be directed to Italy, with an average stay time of 7-10 days per holiday and forecasts of further growth.




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