26-03-2018 / Press release

Sevenpress: Tuscany 2.0

The company was born in a small village of classic Chianti and aims to collaborate with private individuals and local tourism companies to foster their growth and facilitate their integration into the international market, through consultancy and management support. The two founders have created a new Italian company supported by a group of professionals in the sector. A team that intends to bring tourism and real estate promotion to a higher level: to make the history of the place known to enhance the landscape-cultural heritage of one of the most appreciated regions in the world. All this using new technologies, innovative communication strategies and a solid relational network with the managers of the accommodation facilities. Quality, transparency and tradition are the three characteristics on which TBA Holidays, opening a new office in Florence, wants to found its services. Elements to which we add a certain propensity for the future, which already for the end of 2016 foresees the opening of a new booking portal. Aldo Gottardo, one of the founders of the startup, states: "A wise man says 'The good wine is not known at the table, but walking in the cellars.' From this philosophy we have set up the activity of TBA: we enter the historical houses and directly tell the owner's experience, the history of the farm and the culture of the place, making it a glass house for potential users. a virtual tour where everything is transparent even in the smallest details A new method of enhancement and promotion of accommodation and real estate, in which the owner hosts us making us experience first hand a unique experience, which will then be told to the great international audience by our team. " For more information on the Tuscany Business Agency visit the website www.tuscanybusinessagency.com.

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