06-06-2018 / Press Release

TBA Holidays - We believe in the beautiful country

TBA Holidays is a Tour Operator that starts from the respect of the local territory to promote the residences of the Italian territory and their history. Specifically, TBA offers an online platform that allows owners of tourist facilities to promote their accommodation, completing the offer with extra services that make the experience unique. They are the recipients of our request for collaboration: owners and professionals of Italian cultural heritage; the goal is to enhance and promote the tourist offer that most hidden realities have to offer, homes with a story to tell and for which it is worthwhile to create visibility.

The activities carried out by the company are: management of tourist bookings - both of the residences and of the experiences present on the site - and marketing and communication services. Collaboration is a fundamental value for the work of TBA Holidays, which believes in the cooperation between heterogeneous entities, but with the common aim of offering a complete tourist service.

Italy has an immense cultural heritage, rich in small pristine gems such as the village of Sant'Angelo Le Fratte, located in Lucania and overlooking the Melandro valley. A country that is the perfect compromise between nature, history, art and typical products. The surrounding territory is hilly and a place of karstic phenomena that make the town of Lucano even more characteristic and unique. There are also numerous springs, which allow the peasant population to live with the products of their land; olive trees, wheat and potatoes are the crops that decorate the hill of the village and the surrounding area. But the wine is the prince of Sant'Angelo Le Fratte: the "village of the cellars" is the other name of the ancient village, destination of an enogastronomic tourism that covers more than 100 cellars wedged in the rock face especially during the Open Cellars of Sant'Angelo Le Fratte ", an event that takes place every August. An ancient and evocative show where tourists can enjoy the tradition of the place.

Sant'Angelo Le Fratte is also art. On the walls of the houses are in fact paintings of original murals that represent themes of the local tradition, such as: scenes of agricultural life, religious and agricultural elements. Since the 90s these works, made by local and national artists, color the village and include it, together with Satriano di Lucania and Savoia di Lucania, in the "most painted valley in Italy". Between past and future, this place is an example of a small reality that values ​​tradition and at the same time promotes sustainability, through the project of creating a suspended zero emission railway linking small towns in the area.

This authentic and suggestive place is just one example of the experience of TBA, but represents the kind of heritage that this company wants to promote, with passion, respect and professionalism.