17-05-2018 / Press release

Tba Holidays: tour operator from Tuscany to Italy

TBA Holidays, a section dedicated to the tourism of Tuscany Business Agency, was founded in 2016 with the ambition to create the new reference platform for the booking of historic residences in Tuscany. The goal that gave life to the project was to unite the needs of national tourists on the one hand and not that each year choose this region as a destination for their holidays, on the other hand the special needs of owners of structures with great cultural value . In short, TBA Holidays is therefore a tour operator that provides a complete service to both guests and hosts and completes its range of services with the real estate division called TBA Real Estate.

 Since the beginning of the year, the platform's team is however willing to expand its range of action, extending it from Tuscany to the whole of Italy, in order to respond to a huge flow of tourists looking for an authentic travel experience in our country.

The promotion and the increase in the visibility of the numerous Italian historical residences and their cultural value therefore remains in the foreground for TBA: the hosts that become part of the community can in fact take advantage of the platform space for free. Given its nature as a tour operator, TBA Holidays offers its owners marketing and communication consultancy services, which can be detailed in the section dedicated to promoting and creating visibility on the official website. The stories of TBA are the part of the project dedicated to travelers, who through the platform can also book experiences and adventures to complete their stay. The Made in Italy brand is the key to providing an innovative and quality service, creating a new way of doing tourism through the promotion of tailor-made experiences that enhance the authenticity of the historic homes in Italy. Visit www.tuscanybusinessagency.com