16-03-2018 / Web article

Technology: the companies which work for art, culture and history in Tuscany

They are called "TBA Holidays" and "TBA Real Estate", and they are two companies that, thanks to technology, work in favor of culture, history and tourism in Tuscany. Two companies representing two divisions of the Tuscany Business Agency (www.tuscanybusinessagency.com), very active in the area: "TBA Holidays", the completely innovative on-line reservation platform in the presentation method, and "TBA Real Estate", the real estate division that now supports the promotional platform and that promotes the purchase and sale of historical residences in Tuscany. Already many facilities have embraced the project and are joining this new "interactive square" close to local businesses. The founder, Aldo Gottardo, states that "the main mission of the real estate division is the revaluation and recovery of historic villages and residences located in the territory, placing trust as the cornerstone of the whole project". A first important collaboration agreement was stipulated with the Ricasoli Firidolfi family and provides for the search for potential buyers interested in the recovery and faithful reuse of a monument among the most important in the area: the Castle of Montegrossi, located in Gaiole in Chianti and overlooking with its size the surrounding area. Gottardo explains: "The name Montegrossoli (Montegrossi) derives from the Germanic staff Grossolo, which would presume a Lombard origin of the settlement and would place, therefore, the birth between the seventh and eighth century. The earliest records of the fortress date back to 1007 as the property of the Ridolfian sons from whom the Firidolfi and Ricasoli descended, and was the strong point of the chain of fortifications built by the emperor Barbarossa ". "It was repeatedly besieged by the Aragonese in 1478 and by the army of Charles V in 1530 and we will do everything possible to convey the interest and bring back to the ancient splendor this true jewel of ancient history that is located in the heart of classic Chianti" proud Gottardo.

By Filomena Fotia

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