25-07-2018 / Web article

THE LITTLE STORY OF: Villa Vetrichina

La Vetrichina is a charming residence located in San Casciano dei Bagni, a corner of Tuscany near the Umbrian and Lazio borders. The owner is Patrizia Riccagno, from the Genoese origins, and tells TBA Holidays her choice to abandon the frenetic rhythms of the city to move to a more natural territory, on a human scale. Here is his meeting with La Vetrichina, the ideal place to rediscover the beauty of quiet and slowness, essential to fully enjoy every moment of everyday life. This lifestyle adopted by the owner is also transmitted to the guests who stay at the villa, the concerns and the numerous commitments are left in the city of residence, Vetrichina asks for calm and tranquility.

Its history begins in the first decades of the nineteenth century, it was in fact a country house for the sharecroppers and the woodcutters who worked in the surroundings. The farm preserves the traces of the rural tradition of the territory in its simple environments without luxuries, but functional to the activities of daily life. The large rooms served as a meeting place in front of the fireplace to tell stories, or as dining rooms to cook and taste the products collected in the surrounding garden, and finally the old but comfortable bedrooms. Despite the restructuring of the relais to turn it into a B & B, explains Patrizia, the rural characteristics of the interiors and exteriors have been maintained, such as the lime beams and the old terracotta floors. The villa is located near a spa area known for the beneficial and healing properties of its waters, many guests decide to stay at Vetrichina in order to take advantage of the benefits in the nearby thermal pools. The landscape that stretches around the house is populated by ancient trees and green meadows, visible from the windows of the various rooms and that fill the eyes of the guests of beauty from the early morning light. Also you can admire the Cetona and Amiata mountains, as well as the towers of the village of San Casciano dei Bagni just a few kilometers away. The structure can accommodate up to 14 people, who must not however renounce their autonomy and independence during their stay: both the internal and external environments are divided into different separate areas. Il Villino is isolated from the main residence and consists of a living area and a bedroom, to ensure guests the utmost privacy and tranquility. Comfort and relaxation is a feature of all six double rooms. Upon awakening the owners prepare a delicious breakfast to their guests, following the tastes and gastronomic preferences of tourists and respecting the time of their choice. It is essential for Patrizia to offer a type of holiday that gives guests an experience of comfort and relaxation, in order to be in perfect harmony with the environment. During the summer, breakfast takes place outdoors, under the numerous pergolas or in the corners of the garden, surrounded by Tuscan nature.  The owners' willingness to let people know the excellence of the territory is combined with the desire to bring together and make people who choose Villa Vetrichina enjoy their holiday. Conviviality and fun, says Patrizia, are welcome at Villa Vetrichina. How to spend time in the dwelling? You can organize pizza parties, theme dinners, lunches, cooking classes, tastings, barbecues with friends in the park of the villa to fully enjoy the beauty of the natural landscape and the company.

La Vetrichina offers a place of rest and fun perfect for those who want to combine a holiday among the wonders of Tuscany without sacrificing the fun of the holidays with friends or loved ones. The promotion of an idea of ​​vacation that respects the atmosphere of tranquility and tranquility of the Tuscan territory and that allows guests to detach from the frenzy of metropolitan life is one of the objectives of TBA Holidays. Tell us how important it is for you to stay in a place far from the chaos of the city and your experience in the Tuscan countryside.