18-05-2018 / Article



The most optimistic prospect from the plus sign comes from the ForwardKeys file, a leading company in the study of tourist flows, and created for Corriere della Sera. The study was done on about 17 million bookings that arrive at travel platforms.

The period considered is between July and August 2018 and as reported the CEO of ForwardKeys Olivier Jager to the national newspaper, will see the arrival of international tourists by 4.8%. The main Italian cities seem to be Catania, which counts 9.6% in bookings, Palermo and Venice with a growth of 8%, followed by more classic destinations such as the capital and Florence. Sicily earns the podium in the ranking, perhaps, coinciding with the landing of the economic airline of the United Arab Emirates, the Flydubai, which from June 13 will connect Dubai with Catania and will make travel easier to the Sicilian city from more of 150 world units. The Australian increases by 11.5% in bookings compared to 2017 and 2017 Japanese restaurants grow up to 9.5%.

The data are the result of an algorithm that takes into account the detected bookings, which are combined with the projections for the next two months which are based on the history of previous years. In Europe it is possible to move around the country by improvising low cost flights. The travel of tourism and tourism provides for 57.41 million throughout 2018, contribution for a given year, 95,9 billion.

Source: https://www.corriere.it/cronache/18_aprile_03/estate-2018-record-italia-turisti-stranieri-crescita-ce8f7b2e-36b9-11e8-a836-1a6391d71628.shtml