26-03-2018 / Press release

Udite Udite:Tourism in Tuscany: an Italian portal for booking historic homes is coming soon

The project is curated by the Tuscany Business Agency whose founders Maria Cristina Grandi and Aldo Gottardo, already after the launch of the company, which took place last July, were already working to create a new tourist booking portal in Tuscany.

The platform will be ready by the end of 2016 and will collect within it the tourist facilities located in the region. Tuscany Business Agency, which is dedicated to the advice and support of companies active in Tuscany in tourism promotion, has therefore created TBA Holidays, a branch of the company that will deal with the international promotion of tourism residences in the region. The idea is to present, with innovative methods, not only the structures, but also the history of the host family, the environment and traditions. All published in a modern and dynamic portal, but at the same time respectful of the culture of the place. Specifically, the objective of TBA Holidays is to provide photographic services, shooting with the drone, 360 ° photos, virtual tours and official video for each structure, so that the user can immerse himself completely in the house and see if it meets their needs . Tuscany Business Agency is about to start the tour operator and real estate activities, in which the model of representation of the structures will be very similar. Aldo Gottardo, one of the founders, says "we have gathered the discontent of owners who rent their dwellings and for whom they made many sacrifices.

We are, in Italy, become a large supermarket where the offer is standardized, almost totally in the hands of foreign tour operators who do not live and do not feel the place. We are represented in a different way on the various portals with different names, different prices, different photos and in some cases even not belonging to the home, and all this is to the detriment of the credibility and image of Tuscany itself. That's why we decided to create TBA Holidays ".

Florence, September 22nd 2016

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