19-03-2019 / Web article

Villa La Strega, the terrace over Siena

Villa la Strega and its farm jealously guard the local folklore and the passion for their land. A dwelling that has a terrace overlooking an enchanting and romantic Italian rose garden, the perfect setting for a relaxing and wellness holiday, and in the shade of an age-old linden it is possible to enjoy the beautiful view of Siena.

Letizia, the owner, a kind lady with a sweet touch of elegance, dedicates her time to creating an atmosphere of serenity in outdoor and indoor environments. He tells of his desire to bring together the guests who are staying in the structure to create a shared harmony.

"The name Strega that belongs to the structure is really curious," says the owner, "it dates back to the 1700s and through a search in the State Archive it was possible to recover its curious and folkloristic history. According to this, the villa was inhabited by a woman considered a witch. She had a magic rope that moved by herself. Legend has it that a blacksmith stole the witch's rope and when he returned home he found his wife hanged with the same rope. "

“I tried to maintain the original atmosphere but, as you can see, I love to give it that touch of peaceful Tuscan elegance. I love taking care of the interior of the villa in detail, as well as the service. Once a week I prepare a dinner for the guests with typical local dishes and organize wine tastings, involving a friend of mine who owns a winery in the Chianti area ”, the owner says.

The villa is located about 3 km from Siena, immersed in the quiet of the Sienese hills. Its proximity to the city does not deprive it of a wonderful panorama of Tuscan nature, made of olive groves and the surrounding countryside. In 20 minutes on foot you reach the historic center of Siena. The primary structure of the villa, the oldest dating back to the seventeenth century, the chapel is still consecrated, accessible from the nearby square. Villa la Strega is the main residence and enjoys a beautiful garden, part of an agricultural complex that also includes the adjacent farm, now a Charming Farmhouse. For over a century it has belonged to the same family but only in 2012 the farm was renovated by Signora Letizia, in fact it was the farmhouse of the villa and it is thought that it was originally the stable

The buildings have been carefully detailed and furnished according to the taste of the owner, who has always been passionate about furniture. The villa is traditionally furnished and all the objects that were present inside it were inherited.

The farm instead has a more rustic style, which is inspired by the provincial and shabby chic; the colors are used to differentiate the various internal areas, they were taken care of by the owner who wanted to dedicate a room to each shade. It tells how he likes to take care of breakfast: jams are produced at home as well as cakes and many other delicacies, every morning on waking guests are greeted with a continental breakfast buffet that respects local and international tastes.

The vegetable garden near the villa is cultivated by Letizia herself and the vegetables picked are served to the guests during the meal, so that they can enjoy fresh products from the Tuscan land

Inside the villa there are 5 double rooms, 2 single rooms and 2 other very large living rooms, the living room and the kitchen that can accommodate up to 12 guests. These rooms for common use are the perfect place to organize parties and birthdays. The chapel of the farm can be used by guests to celebrate religious events, and the large outdoor spaces, which also include the old lemon house, lend themselves to moments of conviviality and fun, even of large dimensions. Internal environments, however, are also suitable for receiving meeting events. The farm has several bedrooms, each of which has its own bathroom, two common rooms and one for lunch.

Breakfast in the winter months is prepared in the dining room, using a single table to promote socialization among the guests, essential for the owner who sees in her home a place where people are together even without knowing each other. In the summer time, instead, it is moved to the open, up to 20 people can dine at the huge table in the garden and it is used by the owner during the dinner she organizes for her clients during the weeks of stay in the summer. To these moments of conviviality are added the tastings in the villa of the Chianti cellars of the territory, to promote local tastes and tradition

Villa la Strega is a dwelling that must be lived and offers its customers a stay, the only fact of nature, thanks to the land and its products that surround it, tradition, where the folkloristic side is valued, and sociability, through the promotion of events. 

The history of a place is also influenced by the legends that are told about it, an incredible atmosphere of familiarity replaces the veil of initial mystery.

Villa la Strega is one of our best choices, prestigious and elegant meets all the requirements we require of our facilities, our visit aims to see us first to experience the preview of our historic homes , ensuring future guests a stay of charm and high quality.