TBA Live

Our way of being/ style? We’ll tell you here

Introducing the host

Knowing the owner and his story is of fundamental importance in order to promote and give visibility to its structure. Our hosts have the opportunity to tell themselves through our platform; they lead us to discover the beauty of their homes and the exclusiveness of their services.

Visit the city

Dialogue with the territory and its history is another of our objectives. We enhance the natural beauty that surrounds the houses, we promote the art of the villages and towns in the surroundings and tell the local traditions respecting the place and its culture.

Go on about your dream

We all have dreams. We want to tell those of our hosts and their structure: the owners share their idea of ​​beauty with us and we communicate it to you through our services.

We continue to evolve: research and development.

We never hear each other. TBA Holidays moves to inform and at the same time is updated to ensure the best possible experience for the owners of the houses and tourists who choose our service.

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Host promotional spot 2019